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Our “All Italian” specialities

Dolcificio Gi&sse | Frozen doughnuts, krafen, and ring doughnuts production

Our doughnuts

Soft and delicious, our doughnuts will win you over at the first bite. This incredible sweet treat comes from the softness of the dough and the deliciousness of the filling: thick custard cream, chocolate and hazelnut or apricot jam.

Dolcificio Gi&sse | Frozen doughnuts and ring doughnuts production

Ring doughnuts

Soft and puffy, with a thin, slightly crispy crust and a perfect golden colour.
This ring doughnut is a fried sweet snack popular all over the world, whether in a classic version, with various fillings or glazed.

Dolcificio Gi&sse | Frozen doughnuts and ring doughnuts production

Mini doughnuts

Easy-to-eat mini sweet treats which will tempt you thanks to the different variations of our fried sweet pastries. They can be defrosted at room temperature. A catering-friendly format for refreshments, coffee breaks or a generous hotel breakfast.

Frozen products

The quick-freeze sweet treat, fragrant at any time of day

After having been fried, all Dolcificio Gi&sse products are deep-frozen through a rapid and carefully controlled process that allows the organoleptic qualities of the products to be maintained.

The different doughnut types are cooled rapidly inside an air-cooling tunnel. Rapid cooling is important to avoid the formation of condensation, which could compromise product quality. The core of the product quickly reaches -18°C and is then stored in cells maintained at -22°C.

Freezing is a complex process which requires specialised equipment and personnel. However, it is an essential process for the production of high-quality, fragrant fried sweet pastries. Freezing preserves the organoleptic properties as it prevents physical and chemical degradation of the food. Physical degradation can include loss of moisture, which makes the product dry and hard, while chemical degradation can include loss of flavour, aroma and colour.

Freezing creates smaller ice crystals, which, unlike larger ice crystals, do not damage food cells. Furthermore, freezing allows fried sweet pastries to be stored for long periods of time without compromising their organoleptic qualities, making them available for sale and consumption at any time of the year.

Custard cream doughnuts
Custard cream ring doughnut
Rico-choc ring doughnut
Apricot jam mini doughnut
Mini ring doughnut
Milk and Cream heart-shaped doughnut
Apricot jam doughnuts
Chocolate & hazelnut cream doughnuts
XL ring doughnut
Chocolate & hazelnut cream ring doughnut
Prestige doughnut
Custard cream mini doughnut
Chocolate & hazelnut cream heart-shaped doughnut
Empty ring doughnut
Rico-white ring doughnut
Bella di papà bag
Chocolate & hazelnut cream mini doughnut
XL doughnuts
Empty doughnuts
Medium doughnuts
Empty mini doughnut

The headquarters of Dolcificio Gi&sse

Dolcificio Gi&sse is a well-established company that has been operating in the sweet pastries supplier market since 1978. The company is based in San Giovanni in Persiceto, near Bologna, and here it produces a wide range of fried and frozen leavened products, the result of a successful combination of technology and tradition. Dolcificio Gi&sse specialities are made from the best raw materials.

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